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In december 2011 five german musicians

decided to form the band "Forever Nite".


And what you see, is what you get:

Forever Nite takes you on a powerful journey through the dark worlds of

Metal. Neckbreakers are followed by melancholic near-death-experiences,

the sound dives into spherical abyss and leads back to anthem-like ecstacy.

"Vampire Metal" means orchestral grandiloquence, heavy-weight guitar-riffs, 

profound lyrics and haunting melodies.


The musical feast is flavored with little progessiv parts

and is served on a wide "classic-metal" plate! 

Elaborate programmed Sounds are easily leading the

catchy songs into modern spirit.


The five professional musicans,

which had joined national successful (Cover)bands like Cherokee, F.U.C.K., MacLoud,

Pull, Javelin, Spellbound, 9mm, Barbed Wire a. o., leave no doubt about their musical skills. Above all Forever Nite is headed by an extraordinary male/female singer-couple which is not only attrative to your ears but also to your eyes!









(Bassguitar & Keyboards)






( Drums )